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Love Stories---Why Marry a Chinese Lady?


Having a Chinese wife is not only proud for any husband; it could be great for their family as well.  They have good qualities such as natural beauty, traditional value, hardworking nature, softness, family-oriented and caring. All these make Chinese ladies a wonderful choice as decent wives for western men. Please read the following love stories for more inspiration.


A Chinese Girl Says...


I am a Chinese girl and I often hear some positive comments on Chinese girls like:

1. "I extremely appreciate the natural beauty of Chinese girls. I am enchanted by long black hair and bright black eyes. Maybe not all of them look gorgeous. But you cannot say 'No' to their pure smiles."

2. "Chinese
women carry on the merits of splendid Chinese culture. They are responsible for family, loyal to husband, honest to friends and hardworking. They always stand by you and support you, making you the best man you can be."

3. "Nowadays, Chinese women are more and more open-minded and independent. They can be traditional or modern at the right occasion."

To be frank, I am happy to hear that.



My Chinese Wife...


By Charles Anderson

   chinesewife3I first met my Chinese wife on the internet, via Yahoo messenger. It was not really an auspicious start, because at the time she not only already had a boyfriend, but kept deleting me from her "friends" list because of misunderstandings between us. These were the first signs of communication issues faced between people with different native tongues. Fortunately I persisted, and convinced her that her reasons for deleting me were mere errors of language, and not signs of a bigger underlying problem.

    Things progressed rapidly, and after a while I began planning my trip to China. I had been invited to her sister's wedding in their hometown. This sounded fascinating to me, a real Chinese traditional wedding in a small country area. It was just the sort of experience I was looking forward to ever since my first holiday to China only a year earlier. It was the possibility of experiencing cultural differences and new experiences that drew me towards China in the first place, and this was a visit that I was looking forward to a great deal. Of course, by this stage I was convinced that there was a deep love between us, so I was following my heart and taking a chance to find out for sure.

    Finally, the day of our first meeting in person was here. It took place at the relatively small airport in Guiyang, the capital city of the beautiful Guizhou province and an area infrequently visited by westerners. This is a great shame, considering the amazing place I soon found it to be. She was there as I exited airport customs, one of the last people off the plane (which surely caused her to think that I would be a no-show). But there we were, together finally, after what seemed like an eternity of communicating daily via the web and telephone.

    It's amazing how quickly you can tell that your love for a person is real, a truth we both discovered over the next month of my visit. The wedding was, putting it mildly, bigger than any I had been to before, as any wedding dinner with around 1,000 guests was bound to be. Getting to spend
time with a family that made me feel completely welcome and right at home, despite being unable to communicate directly with me, was one of the happiest things I've ever experienced. A visit to the famous Huangguoshu waterfall, as well as some other lesser known tourist locations, then back to Shenzhen where my new love was living with her sister, rounded out the most exciting holiday I have ever been on.

    Of course, by the end of this short visit we had already begun talking about marriage, including the difficulties that marriage would entail. Getting married seemed the easy part, especially with the full support of her family. She was even convinced that I had bribed her father into convincing her to marry me, because she couldn't understand why he was so keen to see us wed. Issues of marriage, the documentation required, along with considering how we could be together permanently were all now fully on our hearts and in our minds. The preparations were made with me back home and her in China, with many conflicting stories around what was required and how it should be done. We decided to marry in Guiyang on my next visit, only a few months after my first visit, so the preparations quickly were under way. We would worry about how to be together after we were husband and wife.chinesewife2

    After many visits and phone calls to the relevant authorities by us both, trying to find the easiest way to bring together two people from opposite sides of the world, and with my departure date to China rapidly approaching, it finally seemed like it was going to happen.

    Upon my arrival in China, visits were made to the consulate office in Guangzhou for the necessary official stamp on the necessary documents. Then it was off to Guiyang to have her documents signed, stamped and approved by the endless officials, before finally everything was in order and ready for us to make our visit to the marriage office. Much to our disappointment, on our first attempt at the office came when it was closed, seemingly much earlier than every other office in the building. We were advised to come back the next day, and earlier in the day to ensure we would be able to get the process done.

    The next day came, we presented our documents, and after a few words from the official to me in Chinese (of course, and for which I was advised to just say yes to nod my head in approval), we were married. We returned to Shenzhen, where my parents were waiting. They had visited Hong Kong and then Shenzhen, so they could meet their new daughter-in-law in person. Finally, though, I had o leave again. Then we knew the hard work would begin. We had to find a way to be together permanently.

    After many more months apart, punctuated only by a few quick visits back to China to be together as much as possible, we arranged all of the necessary paperwork and finally were able to make the visit to Shanghai to submit the immigration application in person. e were extremely fortunate to encounter a very helpful consular official who was able to interview us immediately,  process which can often take weeks or months in itself. For us it was done in a few hours. To our great relief and satisfaction, he advised us that while the process itself can take 6 to 9 months, he could see no reason why we would not be successful. He could tell we were very much in love.    chinesewife1

    Back home I headed, hoping it would not take forever and fearing we would get a negative result. Expecting wait of up to 6 to 9 months for an answer, our lives hanged again for the better when only a month after submitting the application, we were advised to send her passport to the consulate so the visa could be granted. A happier time is hard to imagine, as the feared long wait did ot eventuate. We could finally be together.

    We've now been married over 3 years, and while here are obvious cultural, social and lifestyle differences n each of our backgrounds, it is easy to see that true love can overcome any of these obstacles. I believe it is these differences and contrasts that make us a stronger partnership over all. I love the fact that my wife is Chinese, and look forward to teaching our own children about how he two contrasting cultures, when mixed together, can be a wonderful thing to experience.

 This article appeared in print on 2009 Jan. Issue of iChina Magazine



I have always followed my heart...



I met her online purely accidentally. I was not looking a Chinese woman. First we did send e-mails, and then we started chatting in MSN every day. I really liked (I like now too) to chat with her, she seemed to be an intelligent woman, and what´s important, she understood my humor and I understood hers.

One day I decided to fly to see her. She never asked me to. So, I asked her and she said "what took you so long?" I decided that if she is like she has been when chatting, I will propose her.

She was not.
She was more, she was... I fell in love with her almost immediately.

I woke in the morning of fifth day
, opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful eyes I had, and have ever seen before and after. My heart almost jumped out.
I invited her to a park near the hotel. There I knee
led and proposed her. She was amazed, but answered yes.

So, maybe can say I did rush, but I have always followed my heart. Now my heart was right, I know that for sure.




Thank God for the internet...



I have been divorced for five years. I was on chatting and emailing with women on several different web sites (e-harmony, ChineseWife, etc.), both in and out of the United States. When I Di Fei, she was just exactly what I had been searching for (and not just for the last five years either). Within 10 days of video chatting about 6 hours a day, I knew I had found the one for me. I had my profile removed or made invisible (depending on the site) and sent polite emails to the other six women I had been corresponding with telling them that my search was over, and that I did not wish to waste their time.

The fact that she was Chinese was not a factor at all (in either the search or my instant connection with her). Her mind, soul, and spirit matched mine: the fact that she is very physically attractive is just a bonus, and the fact that she is Chinese is really sort of irrelevant (like brown versus black eyes). It is just a fact, like her being 5' 2" versus 5' 3". After three months of daily video chatting and of my being introduced to her family and she to mine by the same medium, I will be arriving in Guangzhou on Jan. 10, 2008, and leaving on Feb. 4. I am already pretty much convinced that this is the woman I will marry and spend the rest of my life together. Thank God for the internet - it makes the odds of finding the perfect person for YOU so much better. Bob Grant


She Is Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful...



I wish to offer my perspective on this subject. I am 54. I have been single for all but two years of that time. I dated and married a woman when I was 49 that, during our dating, she was perfect (or as close as a human can get). She always had time for us to go out; we spend time with her son as well as alone. Her home was always spotless. She or we prepared dinner together and we cleaned up afterwards together...Life was good.

The day we got married, all of that stopped. She never set foot in the kitchen for the next two years, never cleaned the house, never did any laundry, never even helped her son with his homework...She did nothing but played computer games every minute she was home and awake. If it got done, I did it. We both worked 40 hour a week jobs. After two years of this, I had had enough..I left and divorced her.

Somehow, I began corresponding with a Chinese lady. She had contacted me on a dating site. So did many other women over the time I was a member. But this lady kept writing, everyday I received a letter from her. Everyday I sent her a reply. I don't know how anyone can be so persistent and never give up. I'm glad she didn't. Over time I have learned all about her and her life, her ideals, her morals, her sense of family. She is 44 and she is absolutely stunningly beautiful. She has a son that is 22 and in the university. She is a widow. Her husband was killed in an auto accident after they had only been married for two years. She has not dated anyone or had any lovers during the past 20 years. Her only focus was raising her son and trying to make ends meet. I have met her brother and her sister. They raised her. Their parents died when she was very young.

I have made one trip to Shenzhen to meet her and spent time with her. She is everything she said she was. There was not one red flag that came up during my two week visit. Her English was non-existent when we first began writing. She had to use a translation service for each letter. It is much better now. I go back to Shenzhen in February 2008. At this time, I will ask her to marry me and I will begin the process to bring her to the US.

Now, why am I doing this....the best and only reason I can give...I adore her!


Be Yourself, Do It Yourself...



Hi Im Mick! Meeting the special woman that we are all looking for is very difficult in life but when you meet her you just know! I met my Lao Po (pronunciation of wife in Chinese) in Shanghai 02 /2006 since then I have never looked back, she is the most wonderful thing in my life, since then I got my working visa for china, a driving license, I got married, bought an apartment, and now we are having a child. This may all seem very fast to some people! Good Luck to everyone that wants to change their life FOR LIFE.






Enjoy All The Benefits That A Mixed Marriage Can Offer...



I have been married to a Chinese lady now for nearly 10 years. Like all marriages we have had our problems. My knowledge of the Chinese culture was quite good so these problems were quickly overcome. Language used to be the biggest problem but as my Chinese improved and her understanding of English improved this also became history. Sexually Chinese ladies are far more conservative than Western women so you will need to be patient with them but they will come around. As far as romance is concerned their petite gentle nature and culture lends itself to them being the perfect wife.

The best aspect of a mixed marriage is in the early days when one cannot argue a point because of the language barrier. The reciprocating respect for each other is heightened by both parties wanting to discover more about the others culture. If this is carried out then love will not only bloom but flourish.
I feel truly sorry for those of you who struck gold diggers. When in Australia I usually wear the money belt but when we live in China my wife holds the purse strings and she does an excellent job. I have never gone without and the bank account keeps going up. I am an English teacher in China and an agricultural teacher in Australia. As a teacher our money is good by Chinese standards but not by Western standards. I did not marry my wife to be at work all day and to come home and work all night. We knew where we were going before we married so we didn't have to navigate a course after the event.
I am 6 years the senior of my little angel who I will say loves chivalry and I love to display it. Above all be faithful and caring and your life will enjoy all the benefits that a mixed marriage can offer.

Married to China...

Surprise, you're married!

It all happened so fast and yet in some ways it takes forever.

Our Wedding

My new wife, Ling Hua (Cat) and IGarygoof off at our semi-informal wedding dinner.

I think that from the day we met in 2002 Ling Hua (known by her friends as "Cat") and I became best friends. From that day on, we spent a lot of time playing badminton, hiking, and backpacking together.

Somewhere along the way, she became a girlfriend. At the same time, I was supposed to return to "the real world" in America. I flew home, leaving a lifetime of memories in China.

Coming back to America, I felt a certain amount of culture-shock as I tried to re-adjust back to an American lifestyle.

I returned to my old job and started making about 10 times what I did in China - but money does not equal happiness. I really missed Cat and my life back in Asia.

I flew to China for a visit, only a few months later. Before I did, I asked Cat if we ought to look into what's involved in getting married. I am sure this freaked her out, but it also made her happy. When I arrived in China, she had done her homework. She told me it should take 30 days to complete the process with all of the Chinese government red tape (and I do mean red).

Knowing that it is impossible to complete the process in the short one week trip that I was on, we started to do it for fun. The medical exam was first, and involved the standard pokes, turning your head and coughing, and super-small Chinese-sized hospital gowns that left me mooning half of the people waiting in the hospital.

The next day we headed to the American embassy, to get a "certificate of marriageability". Picking up the certificate the next morning, we headed to the Bureau of Foreign Marriages in Beijing. Turning in the paperwork, Cat began to plead our case to see if we could speed up the process. I put in my two cent and said a few things in Chinese. This shocked the government official who complimented me on my Chinese. I replied in the typical Chinese way of being humble, "Where where?" which in Chinese culture means, "Where and who are you talking about? It can't be me!" The official laughed and we had a good time joking around with him. He told us to come back in the afternoon, and we said goodbye.

I didn't know what we were going back for in the afternoon, but when we returned, I was a bit startled. Official certificates of marriage were handed to both of us, and we were sworn in and announced as husband and wife with amazing efficiency. Fifteen minutes after arriving, we both left, stunned, as husband and wife. A process everyone said would take at least 30 days and be really difficult!

Her family was shocked too, but in a very Chinese way, they apologized for not having a ceremony planned for us. Cat's family had become very dear and close to me in the past, and when they got the news, I was told by Cat's father that I was as much a part of the family as if we shared the same blood.

I returned to America, and started getting all the paperwork together to get a visa and residency for Cat in the states.  After the application was refused by U.S. Immigration, because "I was not a resident of America" - regardless of the fact that I was a natural born citizen, I sent the paperwork to Cat in China, and told her to take it to the Embassy. Well, nothing is easy, and they refused to take the paperwork from her, insisting that I be present. Three days later, I was in China again, and suddenly I discovered how difficult my own government could be. All the U.S. Government websites had the wrong information, and the Embassy in Beijing said that I was not a resident of China either (even though my passport had 4 years worth of almost continuous Chinese visas).

Although I was distraught, I returned to my new family home in Beijing, to find that with 4 days notice, about 20 to 30 of Cat's extended family members had flown in from around China to come and celebrate our marriage. I didn't expect it, but in Chinese culture, family means everything. I was humbled and honored as we had a somewhat informal, but traditional wedding celebration. I even had a Chinese silk tunic custom-tailored for the occasion.

I won't go into the rest of my woes, but I have been flying back and forth to China, fighting the government for my wife's rights to live in the states with me.

About 10 visits to my congresswoman's office, 2 letters to a U.S. Senator, one letter to George Bush (waste of time), numerous emails to the U.S. Consulate, and 16 months later, the U.S. Government finally issued a visa, and my wife and I were allowed to reunite.








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